Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pictures From "Terribly Happy", Annie Owens' Solo Show

Being able to be at the opening of Annie's show at Copro Gallery was a total treat for me. Her works were spaced well, allowing the sparse feeling in the imagery to breathe. Every single piece was gorgeous, impeccably executed and full of the emotive charms we expect from Annie. And almost all of them were sold already!  Most the works I had been keeping abreast of as she completed them but there was one big surprise for me - titled, "Backwater Peccadillos". A large, tree framed swamp image of two girls floating in a boat, it became my favorite of the show. Just stupendous, they all need to be seen in person! 
A link to Copro Gallery's nice online preview of the artworks is here.

Here's Annie, the star of the show and Daniel, her steadfast partner in crime.
Her eyes are saying "Don't take my picture!" - but hey- it's camera one, babee!

There are other shows going on at Copro right now which are really worth viewing as well. Especially the BeinArt Surreal Collective exhibit - "Dystopia". Another post is to come on it.

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