Monday, November 14, 2011

Sandra Yagi's Primal Opening

Sandra is one of the foremost surrealist artists in the Bay Area and it was great to finally see such a huge collection of her works on exhibit here in her home turf, at Modern Eden

A second exhibit titled, "Genus, Species" contains smaller works with a natural sciences theme and is delightfully organically inclined. (More to come on this show in a future post).  Modern Eden is a fantastic space, clean, large and inviting - with lots of well lit and spacious walls - easily the cream of the local gallery crop. 

Sandra's solo is aptly titled "Primal Renderings" and features a series of newer and older works, based on aspects of our inner ape and scientific morphed creatures with a pre-historic bent. Many of her subjects have been stripped of their skin, offering up beautiful anatomical studies of musculature dancing within skeletal form.

 "Yagi’s recent paintings incorporate anatomical imagery to explore the human psychological condition, such as cutaway skulls portraying basic human drives and the thin veneer of humanity overlaying our animal nature. "  -Via Gallery website

 There is a whole wall of S&M and bondage related art, with skeletons acting out the partner in sexual games and foreplay.

These are delightful, fun quirky works which Sandra says she researched in person, visiting various houses of ill repute. How's that for homework?

This is an engrossing show, encompassing the breadth of Sandra's incredible works, each piece relaying a hinted narrative - enticing without being over stated.  Smaller works and larger works as well as prints are available to purchase. Technically adept and studied, imaginative and interesting subjects which urge further contemplation. An artist worth collecting, her pieces will engage and satisfy for years to come.
Exhibition is on display thru December 4th, 2011.

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LINK - to Sandra Yagi's wesite

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