Monday, November 14, 2011

The Spirit Board Show at Articulated

Dropped into Articulated Gallery to see "The Spirit Board Show" and we have some pics to share. This gallery is located inside Loved To Death on Haight Street, which is a great oddities store full of beautiful and creepy collectibles. The gallery is aptly located up some eerie narrow steps, plastered with warning signs. "Spirit Board" is full of favorite artists and wonderfully ghostly art - special takes on the old school Ouija board and otherworldly visitations. Just a partial roster of the artists included: Edith LeBeau, Jennybird Alcantara, Buddy Nestor, Jessica Ward, Karyn Crisis, Monique Ligons and Caitlin Hackett. For all the artists and photos of all the art click here. 

Jennybird Alcantara

Detail of Jennybird's piece- very cool little old school paper doll hands, fastened with brads, elevated in a 3D fashion.

Monique Ligons

Buddy Nestor

Edith Lebeau

Jessica Ward

Karyn Crisis

Caitlin Hackett

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